St Helena – Altogether Fairer?

A Study into Racism/Xenophobia on St Helena one by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

3 more weeks to have your say!

  • Have you ever felt you have been treated unfairly because you are
  • a Saint or because you are not a Saint?
  • Do you think there is unfairness/racism or xenophobia on the
  • island?

The EHRC would really like to hear your thoughts and experiences, whoever you are. We are carrying out research into some of the divisions in our society to gain a deeper understanding of the current situation which will enable the EHRC to recommend actions for itself, SHG and others to help reduce these divisions, increase mutual respect and understanding between all groups in society and over time reduce the incidence of racism to help make St Helena Altogether Fairer

How can you help?

Contact us by Friday 16th April to arrange to talk to someone of your choice from the EHRC. All information will be kept completely confidential and anonymous – no names will be published or shared.

For a copy of the full terms of reference or to make an appointment please Call 22133 or Email

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