EHRC’s Cultural Rights and Heritage Survey

The Equality and Human Rights Commission would like to invite you all to participate in a desk-top study of identifying and defining our island’s Cultural Heritage.

We hope that by gaining access to existing information, we will be able to produce a Register of Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible).

This list will act as a reference guide to indicate and integrate cultural rights with any developments in regard to the legal, administrative and policy measures and in the work and activities of organizations on Saint Helena.

The commission will be looking at projects on Saint Helena such as:

  • Saint Helena Cultural Centre
  • South Atlantic Natural Capital project: Cultural Ecosystem Services
  • Food and Culture: Saint Helena Tourism
  • ‘Liberated’ African Memorial Project
  • Zulu Memorial Project
  • HER (Historic Environment Record)
  • Saint Helena Fishing/ Maritime
  • Other? Saint Dialect, Community Centres, Clubs and Charities etc.

Once a draft register is produced it will be shared with the relevant SHG, NGOs and Public for review, input and comment.

We would then  conduct a public survey that will inform the Commission on how best to ensure that the Right to Access and Enjoy Cultural Heritage resources could be better researched, protected, advocated, empowered, enforced, educated and monitored as a Human Right.

We look forward to working with you all in safeguarding our island’s culture.

For more detail about our survey you can contact Annina van Neel on

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